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Coolboost improves both the efficiency and performance of your engine by giving better surface contact between the coolant and metal surfaces. Coolboost gives a 10% improvement-bare minimum, as proven in all performance car tests. Coolboost is well known as

a performance product when used in radiator systems, another area it is proving to be an outstanding additive is high performance cars using charge cool systems. When added to the coolant side of charge cool kits its performance properties aid cooling.

Coolboost contains inhibitors to protect modern aluminium engines cooling systems, and therefore is beneficial when added to aluminium charge cool systems. Although coolboost contains no anti-freeze properties it can be used in conjunction with anti-freeze. The (just add) coolant performance booster increases power and helps prevent over-heating, and is one of the most cost effective performance coolants additives on the market today HOW MUCH POWER ARE YOU LOSING WITHOUT COOLBOOST?

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